Result of the 2nd National Photo Exhibition Contest “Water for Life”, 2015

On the 17th October 2015 at Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA), the 2nd national photo exhibition contest “Water for Life” 2015 was organized with the cooperation among VWSA, DEVIWAS project and Vietnam Associations Photographic Artists (VAPA).

1st Prize for the Rural Sector: Precious Water - Author: Tran Phuong Thao

The event attracted Mr. Cao Lai Quang, former Deputy Minister of Construction, President of VWSA; Mr. Bui Hoa Tien, Vice-President of VAPA; and a number of journalists and photographers.

In his opening speech, Mr. Cao Lai Quang, president of VWSA recognized and highly appreciated the organizers&; efforts and the leaders of companies in the water sector, who had fully supported the photographers to carry out their tasks at the site. Particularly, Binh Duong Water Supply - Sewerage - Environment Co., Ltd (BIWASE) organized a pre-contest, inviting artists from Binh Duong as well as other provinces to serve this event. Mr. Cao Lai Quang expressed his belief in the Board of Judges who were capable, fair-minded and objective to select the most suitable photos for the prize. 

1st Prize - Author: Hoang Nhu Thinh

After 6 months, the organizers received almost 1000 entries from over 114 photographers all over the nation. According to the organizers, this year&;s  entries followed the rules and contents and truly reflected most of the aspects of the water sector in Vietnam as well as advanced technologies that the water sector has applied and promoted during the industrialization and modernization process.  On this occasion, the photos also illustrated and commended progressive groups and individuals that had made great contributions in the water sector. By doing so, it caused behavior changes in water protection as well as rural and urban sewerage system protection. 

3rd Prize: Untreated water pumping station - Author: Ngo Cong Hoang 

Speaking at the event, Assoc. Prof. Ung Quoc Dung, Vice-President of VWSA and head of the organizers, acknowledged the journalists, photographers, photography supporters, water supply and sewerage and urban environment companies that participated in this contest. He expected to receive more support for coming “Water for Life” events.

The organizers selected twelve prizes after a hard-working day, which included the first prize for clean water in rural area, two second prizes, three third prizes and five encouraging prizes as well as 100 photos for the exhibition.
Consolation Prize: Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Author: Vo Van Bong 

After the announcement, the organizers displayed them at The Fifth Conference of National People&;s Congress of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association taking place from 28 to 31 October 2015 in Binh Duong Convention Center and Expo as well as the 7th Vietwater 2015, the largest international expo in the water filter technology and wastewater treatment sector in Vietnam which tentatively occurred during 25-28 November 2015 at Giang Vo Exhibition Center, Hanoi. The organizers continued to advertise these works of art through printed books for public use. 

Xuan Thu

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