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Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA)


The Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) was established on 7/6/1988. It is a voluntary social - occupational organization of bodies and individuals engaged in the management, consultancy, scientific research, training, construction, exploitation and operation, manufacturing and trading of materials and equipment of the water supply and sewerage sector. Its objectives are to gather and unite water members, support each other to operate effectively, contribute to the development of the water sector, improve the quality of life for social – economic development of the country.

Currently, VWSA has more than 300 collective members and individuals nationwide, represents nearly 70.000 staffs, officials, workers, scientists, and managers working in the water supply, sewerage and sanitation sector.

The VWSA is a member of the International Water Association (IWA).


1. Institution – policy advisory

Give comments on Draft Laws, Decrees, Regulations, Strategies, Plans, economic – technical norms and standards in the water sector. The VWSA represents its members in proposing to authorities difficulties, disadvantages its members facing during the application of legal regulations. Participate in reviewing major programs, projects, current issues in the water supply, sewerage and sanitation sector.

2. Human Resources Training

Organize professional training courses to improve the capacity of managers, professional staffs and operators. Organize training courses to update new policies. Cooperate with international organizations, universities, colleges to train engineers and workers in the water sector. To train and issue construction practice certificates in the water supply and sewerage sector.

3. Scientific research, technology application and transfer

Organize scientific research and technology development activities; Support technology application and transfer in the water supply and sewerage sector. Participate in scientific – technology projects & programs as assigned by the State. Organize national and international workshops, events on new and advanced technologies. Provide consultation in construction and monitor technology transfer. Organize study tours, twining programs to gain experiences from national and international companies.

4. International Cooperation

The VWSA is a member of the International Water Association. The VWSA is a reliable partner of international organizations like the WB, ADB, JICA, GIZ, WHO as well as international water associations in Germany, Finland, Hungary, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Through international cooperation, the VWSA promotes trade, organizes forums, programs, workshops and seminars to ensure sustainable development of the Vietnam Water sector.

5. Information and Communication

Water Supply and Sewerage Magazine, tapchicapthoatnuoc.vn Online Newspaper and vwsa.org.vn website are information channels of VWSA, connecting its members. These channels provide information on policies, raise community awareness on management and protection of water resources, and advertise advanced models and new scientific technology.

6. Event organizing and trade promotion

Chair and coordinate with UBM Asia to organize VIETWATER Exhibition. This is the largest event of Vietnam water industry, held annually with the participation of nearly 40 countries in the world with hundreds of booths, attracting 10.000 to 15.000 attendants. The VWSA supports and sponsors the organization of national and international scientific workshops, seminars and conference to introduce new products and technologies.

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