VWSA-GWP workshop on advocacy in Hanoi 21-22/3/2019

On 21st -22nd March 2019, in Hanoi, under the host of Mr Cao Lai Quang, Chairman of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA), and with active participation and sharing German Experience from Mrs. Julia Braune - Managing Director of German Water Partnership (GWP), the two associations jointly organized a workshop on advocacy.

Participants in the workshop included members of the Policy Department of VWSA, who were officials from different government authorities and leaders of water enterprises which were VWSA's members.

At the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Hong Tien - Vice President and Secretary General of VWSA presented a summary report on advocacy activities of the VWSA in 2018, action plan for 2019. In particular, he highlighted key achievements, advantages and challenges for water sector advocacy activities of the VWSA.
Ms. Julia Braune from GWP shared her experience, both similarities and differences between Germany and Vietnam, on the advocacy practices e.g. chosen topics, time frame, formats as well as German legislation process.

Going into real situations and topics in Vietnam, Ms. Julia Braune joined VWSA's Policy Department members in analyzing strength and weakness, opportunities and threats of VWSA&;s policy department activities, and then together they came up with strategic and action plan for 2019 and the years ahead.

The workshop on advocacy is one of action under the DEVIWAS Project framework to help improve the capacity of VWSA in particular, and the Vietnamese water sector&;s in general. The VWSA hopes that in the coming time, the two associations i.e. VWSA and GWP will successfully accomplish remaining tasks of the DEVIWAS project, and thereafter look into new cooperation projects.

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