Training course on updating latest policies on labour, salary and social insurance, Hanoi 11-12 October 2018

In the morning of 11th October 2018, at the Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC)- Ministry of Construction, VWSA opened a two-day training course on updating latest policies on labour, salary and social insurance that affect cost calculation and strategy of water enterprises.  
The training course was organized with the sponsorship of the DEVIWAS Project that aims to help staff specialised in labour management, salary and social insurance to understand and apply these regulations properly, as well as to manage difficult situations related to labour disputes.

Participating in the course were 40 leaders of water enterprise, heads & deputy heads and officers of administrative, personnel and financial divisions, who were working on labour management, salary, social insurance for water enterprises and affiliates.

The lecturer of the course was a senior expert, Mrs. Tong Thi Minh - Former Director of Department of Labour and Wage Relations, and Social Insurance Department - Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

During the two-day training, students had been provided with knowledge on the law on labour contracts, some provisions of latest regulations on wages, wage & labour management in majority-share-owned-by-the-state enterprises, new regulations on labour policies in privatised enterprises, the latest policies for redundant workers during privatisation of state-owned enterprises, new regulations specified in the Law on social insurance effected from 01 January 2018, regulations and guidelines on on-the-job accident insurance, occupational diseases insurance and other regulations related to social insurance.

The class ended on the afternoon of October 12, 2018 with a closing ceremony and awarding certificates to all trainees.

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