DEVIWAS Project Newsletter- Quarter III/2017

Dear Readers,

As the representative of German Water Partnership in Vietnam and Manager of the DEVIWAS project, I would like to give you an internal publication named as the DEVIWAS Project Newsletter- Quarter III/2017. One of the most significant activitiest conducted in the period was the visit of high-ranking people of Vietnamese water sector in Germany by the end of September. The delegation had some important meetings at Federal Foreign Office, Internal Affair Department of Sachsen-Anhalt, Dortmund  city Hall and also be welcomed by many German companies in water sector. 

As planned, number of other activities has been implemented to strengthen cooperation between Germany and Vietnam in the field of training, capacity building and technology transfer toward sustainable development of a Vietnamese water sector. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Best regards,

Nguyen Dac Hoan
DEVIWAS Project Manager


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