Department of Training of VWSA: 2015 Closing Ceremony and 2016 Planning

On December 25, 2015, in Ha Noi, the Department of Training of VWSA organized a 2015 closing ceremony and a plan for 2016 at the Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC).

Training activities in 2015 has achieved remarkable results. The training department actively set up plans and cooperated closely with branches and companies in order to select suitable programs and lecturers to organize training courses based on the needs of VWSA&;s members. VWSA and its branches organized 28 courses with the participation of almost 2000 trainees from VWSA&;s members. These courses were highly appreciated in content and organization.

Regarding the plan for 2016, beside short courses that focus on technical topics such as leadership, financial management, enterprise auditing, human resources and salary management and so on, the Department of Training will host dialogue on advocacy as well as courses on updated policies. These activities will be tentatively supported by DEVIWAS project.

In addition, the Department of Training will carry out a need assessment survey of “Technicians engineering” training activity for sewerage companies as well as organize workshops on this topic with financial support from Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) project and continue TOT trainings and technical courses under Wastewater Management Programme of GIZ (GIZ- WMP).

Mr. Truong Cong Nam, President and Manager of Hue Water Supply Company (HueWaco) and  Deputy of Department of Training, shared that “Human resources is the most valuable capital of enterprises. Hence, it is important to invest in its development. The company is willing to invest in training activities if the topics and the trainers are relevant.” Representing the donor, Mr. Nguyen Dac Hoan, DEVIWAS project manager, stated that this second phase will prioritize training courses that cover the content of maintenance, water supply and sewerage system operation, high-tech application, experience sharing among leaders of members and data establishment of training activities. 

In the end of the meeting, Chairman Cao Lai Quang expressed his appreciation for the participation of the members of the training department in the training sector who have led the department of cooperation development to implement the 2016 plan with other branches&; members, projects and international organizations. 


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