Press Review of DEVIWAS Project, Quarter II/2015

Within 3 months of the Quarter II 2015, the project organized series of international conferences and thematic training courses on energy use effectiveness with a number of leaders and senior specialists from GWP and VWSA. Through the DEVIWAS project, GWP has developed and expanded partnerships as well as becoming well-known by national and international organizations in the Vietnamese water sector.

A successful mid-term review conference was held and key issues in year 2015 and 2016 as well as a strategy plan on the second stage of the project were identified. The leaders of the two associations highly appreciate achieved results and commit to tighten the cooperation in order to promote the project effectiveness, strengthen VWSA&;s competences, create financial self independence and deliver suitable products and service to its members.

On behalf of the DEVIWAS project, I am honored to present to you the internal PRESS REVIEW QUARTER 2/2015 with detailed information of activities that took place from April to 
June 2015.

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Nguyen Dac Hoan

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