Closing conference of Vietnamese-German Cooperation Project on Capacity building for Water sector in Viet Nam (DEVIWAS)

On August 1st, 2019, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) and the German Water Partnership (GWP) jointly organized two events within the framework of the German-Vietnamese Cooperation Project on Capacity Building for Water Sector in Vietnam (DEVIWAS), namely  Forum on Drainage Sevice Development and Pricing Policy, and  Closing Conference of DEVIWAS project and Vietnamese-German Business Networking.
Opening of the Conference
Attending the event, there were about 100 delegates representing the German Embassy in Vietnam, the diplomatic agencies and international partners of VWSA, representatives of ministerial bodies including: Government Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment and agencies in charge of water sector under provincial municipalities, as well as Vietnaese and German water supply and drainage companies.

DEVIWAS is the partnership project between the VWSA and the GWP receiving grant from German Government through BMZ/sequa, starting from June 2013 till end of August 2019 and divided into two phases, i.e. phase I (June 2013-May 2016) and Phase II (June 2016-August 2019).

With the overall objective as “VWSA competently represents the interests of its members and effectively supports the know-how transfer in the water sector”, the project focuses on activities to support the capacity building for the VWSA in fields of association management, advocacy, promotion of domestic & international cooperations and at the same time to support capacity building for VWSA member companies through wide range of activities such as training and workshop, business networking, promotion of technology transfers so as to help boost their total capacity on management, doing business, technology etc., thus catering for sustainable development of water sector in Viet Nam.
WVSA Leaders attending the Conference 

German Embassy, GTAI representatives and GWP Leaders
Ms. Natalie Kolbe, GWP Advisor of International Projects summing up the first project phase (2013-2016)
Ms. Thao Nguyen, DEVIWAS Project Manager summing up the second project phase (2016-2019)
DEVIWAS project is one of the first partnership projects between VWSA and international partners, and is the longest and most comprehensive project to date that VWSA has been implemented. With great efforts of the two associations, the Project has completed and exceeded in several points the set targets, thereby contributing to promoting the development and image of VWSA in many aspects such as: Improving the quality of human resources for the head Office as well as all members nationwide,  enhancing the bridging role of VWSA in advocacy, promoting a variety of training and consulting services, international activities and technology transfer.

The cooperation with GWP has provided VWSA an important premise and experience to further build up its international projects with other, also current partners such as the Finnish Water Forum, the Finnish Water Association, the Hungarian Water Clusters, The Australian Water Association, the Association of Korean Association of Water Works, the British Water, the Polish Trade Investment and Promotion Department, etc., thus substentially contributing to improvement of VWSA overall performance capacity, image and reputation in the international arena.

Recognizing and highly appreciating the contribution of DEVIWAS project to the construction industry in general and the water supply and sewerage industry in Vietnam in particular, the Ministry of Construction has decided to award the Medal of Honour " For the Construction Course of Vietnam" for Mrs. Gunda Röstel - GWP Chairwoman of the Board while VWSA presented the Medal of Honour "For the contribution to development of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Industry" to Ms. Natalie Kolbe,  GWP's  Advisor of International Projects.
 Mr. Cao Lai Quang, VWSA Chairman presenting MOC's Medal of Honour for Mme. Gunda Roestel, Chairwoman of GWP
Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien, VWSA Vice Chairman presenting VWSA's Medal of Honour for Ms. Natalie Kolbe, GWP Advisor of In'l Projects


To follow up the successful implementation of DEVIWAS Project, VWSA and GWP will continue to collaborate in the near future.

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