English course for VWSA Office staff

With support of DEVIWAS Project, starting from December 17, 2018 at VWSA Office in Hanoi, an English course for VWSA office staff has been organized to help improve their capacity.
The course is divided into two classes with two levels, in which the class level 1 has the participation of 8 students, while the other class level 2 has the participation of 4 students. Each class is held twice a week at VWSA office and is expected to last for 5 months. Through initial two-week learning, this English course has received enthusiastic participation of VWSA staff and shown good potential for future improvement of learners&; listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 

Improving English skills for VWSA office staff is one of priorities of the DEVIWAS project to enable them to communicate and integrate with international partners, thus helping them effectively implement international projects in coming future.

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